Friday, January 6, 2012


This is my first blog post for the 11 Tools.  I am nervous!
I did not find this easy.  I found it time consuming , and I was left wondering what will I have to give up in my teaching to maintain this new program.

I found all of it challenging so I called in colleagues to help me thus taking up their time in addition to my own,.


  1. I agree! It is time-consuming at the beginning. Like most of the new technology, the start-up is usually the most challenging part. You're so lucky to have great support from your colleagues :) The good news is that our students won't have NEAR the problems we have with these tools. They could probably teach us, right?

  2. I dont mind the's all the set-up that sucked my time. You and Millhouse did good though!! Yah for us!

  3. At least Millhouse made it on your page. How did you get him to speak though?

  4. I'm amazed you got this done so long ago. The setup is absurd. Real blogs are not this difficult.